Friday, September 29, 2006

Everest clean-up

Since my last entry about my Dad, he’s continued to be busy cleaning up some of Britain’s most beautiful mountains in his guise as Rob the Rubbish. He’s also had an enormous amount of press coverage with, for example, The Daily Telegraph describing him as "the unlikely new hero of the environmental lobby" and articles in other publications ranging from The Independent to the Indian Times. He’s had responses from all over the world with people being inspired to take up the job on their own mountains. His next challenge is to clean up Mount Everest and he sets off on this adventure on Saturday. However, he’s already had offers of future help with, for example, fifty volunteers in Mumbai for another trip to Everest next May. After that he’s looking to continue inspiring people by not only cleaning up on his local mountains but also going as far afield as the Inca trail at Machu Picchu. If anyone has any suggestions for him or offers of help, you can find out more information at his website.

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Dr Michelle Tempest said...

What a wonderful idea and inspirational.