Monday, October 9, 2006

Extracts from 'Why Lawyers Should Surf'

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Metaphor of surfing
Learning from mistakes
Power of words
Taking risks
Power of metaphor
Emotions: heartbeat of soul
Limitations of goal-setting
Concepts of time
Ideas of happiness
Effect of natural world
Role of silence
Environment: dancing on the brink of the world
Our relationship to the ocean
Why Lawyers are in danger

This is what the publishers say: "Lawyers need motivating. As with all intelligent human beings, the best motivation is self-motivation. After many years without an original and empathetic book, we now have a strikingly original one written for practitioners. With the metaphor of surfing and the ocean flowing throughout, the authors have drawn on their collective experience and brought together not only some powerful psychological tools but a beautiful collection of ideas and images which will continue to inspire long after the first reading. The first section deals with the power of the mind and examines visualizations, underlying beliefs and one’s own internal language. It then goes on to examine communication skills ranging from the building of rapport and body language to advocacy techniques. This is followed by a section on goal setting, values and ways in which positive changes can be made fast and effectively in all areas of one’s life. Finally, there is a section on work/life balance focusing on various aspects of health and leisure. Why Lawyers Should Surf is aimed at lawyers, legal students, staff working in legal offices and anyone interested in improving their lot and living their lives with passion."

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