Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Green innovations in business

As governments continue to fail us on the environment, it is private enterprise which is leading the way. This doesn't just involve the massive initiatives such as Richard Branson's recent committment to investing in alternative fuel research. The real work is in the small everyday choices which we all make. Businesses which help facilitate more green choices are therefore of the utmost importance.

One such business is launched today, that of CPD Webinars which will provide online lectures for lawyers to gain their CPD hours. This means that lawyers will be able to watch lectures from the comfort of their own offices. As part of the launch, they're offering access to one of their seminars for free which will give the viewer two hours of CPD accreditation. Not only does this forego the need for hundreds of enormous hard copy handouts but they also mean that delegates avoid having to use carbon-emitting cars and trains to attend the lectures.

I also stumbled upon another green business recently when I was copied into an email from inventor Simon Daniel who mentioned his new green USB battery. It is rare to come across something which actually changes the way you look at an issue. For a small battery to cause such a paradign shift is even less likely. However, this one certainly does just that. It's one of those products that's so good that as soon as you've seen it you believe it must have been out there for years. Well, it hasn't, it's brand new and promises to change the way we go about powering our gadgets.

Nor is it likely to rest there. It's been produced by Simon's green energy company Moixa Energy Ltd. As they say on their website: "Our belief is that Modern homes and offices need a new power supply - A low power and voltage supply - sitting alongside and ultimately largely replacing the traditional AC 110/240v mains supply for many modern applications. It's safer, greener, less wasteful and more convenient for consumers than filling houses with large adaptors, plugs and cables. This could have a significant impact on reducing energy consumption." It's inventors and businessmen with the vision of people like Simon who are going to lead the green revolution which this world so dearly needs. I wish him every success.

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