Saturday, January 27, 2007

Weekly Review


ASBO Man Writes…
ASBO Man gives his views on the dispute between the Home Secretary and the judiciary. Read Charon QC.

Employment blawger speaks out
UK solicitor asks on his blog whether it is “Time to abolish employment law rights that are bad for UK plc?” Read Mark Ellis blog.

Want to buy a law firm?
Professor John Flood compares the Clementi reforms of the legal system to the financial deregulation Big Bang in the 1980s. Read John Flood’s blog.

Psychiatrist calls for boycott of magazines
Psychiatrist blogger calls for boycott of magazines carrying pictures of underweight models during Fashion Week. Read The Psychiatrist Blog.


Deal to make barrister fees binding
The Law Society and Bar Council have made an agreement that will make fee arrangements between solicitors and barristers contractually binding from October. See Legal Week.

Win for schoolboy rugby injury
The Court of Appeal approved a judgment in which a school was found for injuries caused in a rugby match when a teacher played someone over the age group. See BBC News.

Landmark sex-discrimination case defeated
Ex-City high-flyer loses £1million landmark claim for sex discrimination. See The Times.

Possibility of UK test case for YouTube
According to a report in The Times, increasing legal action in the States over piracy could set the scene for a test case against a British bootlegger. See The Times.

NHS charges recovery extended
Regulations came into force on Monday which extend the scheme allowing recovery of NHS charges following personal injury cases. See the Regulations.

Legal outsourcing deal
Law firm Fox Mandal Little makes legal outsourcing agreement with Hinduja TMT Ltd and UK-based Centric Consulting Ltd. See The Scotsman.

Patients’ opt-out from NHS computers
Information Commissioner told patients will have opportunity to refuse to allows details onto the new NHS records system. See Out-Law.


Mushroom victory
A high court judge has approved a Site of Scientific Interest in Wales which will protect 28 species of waxcap fungi. See BBC News.


John Flood said...

Tim, thanks for the adding my post to your "Weekly Law Review". best, John

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