Saturday, January 20, 2007

A game of tag

All things in the real world eventually get transmuted into a virtual activity at some point or other, surfing being the classic. Now it seems that the childhood game of tag has been brought to the blogosphere with a massive game of blog-tagging going on. This particular one is called a"meme-tagging", a meme being literally a unit of cultural information transferable from one mind to another. It basically involves a blogger, on being tagged, having to list five things on his blog that others might not know about him. Thanks to being tagged by my friend Charon QC, I offer these:

1. I am a qualified football referee.

2. My Dad has become famous as Rob the Rubbish.

3. I used to work as a baggage boy in Butlins in Minehead and an agency nurse around Cambridge, neither of which beat Charon QC's admission that he worked as a part-time gravedigger.

4. My favourite food places in London are: Y Ming, Salt Yard, Fuzzy's Grub, Hummus Bros, Leon and Rock and a Sole Plaice.

5. My main surfboard is a 9'6"yellow Takayama board nick-named "The Banana Split".

Now I think it's my turn to tag which I do so to: Michelle, Corporate Blawg, Pupilblogger, Professor John Flood and Paula the Surf Mum.

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Jeremy Jacobs said...

I feel the need for another Tag. I'll devise one over the next couple of days.