Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Civil Justice System in Crisis?

BBC News reported today that HHJ Collins, familiar to many of us as a well respected Judge at Central London County Court, told Radio 4 listeners that the County Court system was in chaos.

HHJ Collins highlighted a lack of funding and staff shortages as the cause of serious administrative mistakes. He gave the example of Defences not finding their way to the court file, leading to judgments being entered in default.

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Nearly Legal said...

'Crisis' might be slightly melodramatic, but not too far off. I'd say Central London is currently one of the better functioning London County Courts, so I'd presume HHJ Collins also talked to DJs and CJs from other Courts. Certainly we've had our share of Court admin problems lately, some of them serious, and it does seem to be getting worse. I've just posted about it.

Collins' comment is, of course, made in full knowledge of impending cuts in court funding...