Monday, February 12, 2007

Weekly review


How suggestible are witnesses?
Discussion by a psychiatrist as to how suggestible witnesses are to leading questions. See The Psychiatrist Blog.

Joint tenancies
Paralegal blogger on the dangers of signing up to a joint tenancy. See Nearly Legal.

YouTube legal issues
Nick Holmes on dispute between YouTube, its parent company Google and Viacom. See Binary Law.

US Personal Injury Guide
The Self Help Legal Express (Shlep) gives a useful guide to personal injury law ion the US. See Shlep.


Solicitors to strike
Criminal defence solicitors strike to hit court cases this week. See The Times.

Replica football shirts dispute
The consumer group Which? today warned retailer JJB Sports that it intends to sue on behalf of customers who have been overcharged for replica football shirts. See The Guardian.

School taken to court over veil ban
The father of a 12-year-old Muslim girl began legal action against her school last week after teachers refused to allow her to wear the full-face veil or Niqab during lessons. See The News.

Girl wins £6 million compensation
A 12-year-old girl was awarded £6 million compensation due to a negligent delivery which caused brain damage. See BBC.

Immigration rules review dismissed
An application for judicial review of a change to the immigration rules made by the British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin failed last week. The change abolished permit-free training and made it mandatory for doctors from outside the European Union to obtain a work permit to gain employment in the NHS. See Zee News.

Campaigners examine legal basis of NHS
The campaign to save Bartelt Hospital in Felixstowe has turned its attention to examining the takeover of the hospital when the NHS was created in 1947, to see if it was legal, and whether the government should be taking into account benefactor Dr John Bartlet's wishes in his will. See Evening Star.


What a wonderful world
Each day Clare Grant lists three beautiful things on her blog. Quirky as Amelie, as feel-good as A Wonderful Life. See Three Beautiful Things.

Law and haiku
A beacon of creativity in the legal world is a website edited by US lawyer and writer David A. Giacalone where you’ll find haiku and poetry mixed with intelligent legal, ethical and cultural debate. See f/k/a.

Meet ‘Barrister A’
Charon QC introduces a colourful new character called ‘Barrister A’ to his blog. See Charon QC.

Vote for Rob the Rubbish
Robin Kevan (aka Rob the Rubbish) has been nominated as one of Britain’s 50 wisest people. To vote for him and four others from a list including sages such as Lord Bingham, Shami Chakrabati, Julie Walters and Arsene Wenger, see Saga Magazine.

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