Saturday, February 17, 2007

Weekly Review


HIGHLY ENTERTAINING: Pupil Barrister speaks out
We have only just discovered this blog. Since last October an anonymous blogger has been keeping a fictional account of time in pupillage. Read from the start. This is likely to fly around the legal world. See BabyBarista.

When is it appropriate to cite wikipedia
A look at the appropriateness of citing the online encylopaedia in legal cases. See Concurring Opinions.

Is Google News breaching copyright?
Examination of a decision of the Court of First Instance in Brussels on the legality of Google News. See Out-Law.

Debate on increasing small claims limit
US website reports on UK debate about raising the small claims track limit. See Self Help Legal Express (Shlep).

Questioning after charge
Comment on the possibility of allowing questioning after charge. See Head of Legal.


Judge speaks out on civil justice system
The civil justice system is in crisis, according to HHJ Collins, one of Britain's top county court judges. See BBC.

£1million for high flier who lost IQ in car crash
A former high-earning financial executive was awarded £1.1 million damages last week for crash injuries that wrecked her career. See Telegraph.

European Court says mandatory retirement lawful
Advocate-General of the ECJ gives opinion that UK age-discrimination law allowing employers to force staff to retire at 65 is legal. See The Times.

Fine for releasing nuclear waste into sea
The UK Atomic Energy Authority has been fined for releasing radioactive particles into the sea and illegally dumping radioactive waste. See The Independent.

Lloyds pursues firms for The Accident Group referral fees
A number of Lloyd’s syndicates has opted not to issue negligence proceedings against 638 panel law firms but will continue to pursue them for referral fees paid to a TAG dister company. See Law Gazette.

Mother who was refused part-time work gets settlement
A mother who took legal action against her employers for refusing to let her do her job part-time after giving birth settled out of court lastb week. See Telegraph.


Brain teasers
Test how good your brain wiring is. See The Psychiatrist Blog.

Legal risks of Valentine’s Day
Discussion in new Zealand as to some of the legal risks for firms associated with Valentine’s day. See LawFuel.

When witness protection just disappears
In Australia, an informer in a Mafia case got witness protection. Now that the Mafia Boss has died, the protection lapses. Fair or not? See The Lady Justitia.

Amputee dolphin swims again
A dolphin who couldn’t swim after having her tail amputated has been given a new lease of life after beinf fitted with an artificial fin. See Channel 4.


Michelle said...

Cheers Tim, gald you enjoyed the post :o)

BabyBarista said...

Thank you for the mention.

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