Saturday, February 24, 2007

Weekly review


BabyBarista: pupil & clerk affair; secrets of “devilling”
This extremely funny fictional account of life as a pupil barrister has made ‘Best of the Blogs’ for the second week running and is flying around the legal world. This week: BusyBody “goes home” with a clerk and TidySum takes devilling to another level. BabyBarista.

Cheeky Chappie
Magistrate writes about a case in which the police failed to prove a car was stolen due to the lack of a chassis number and the “Cheeky Chappie” walked off with it. Magistrate’s Blog.

Charon QC on Barrister A
More from the life and times of the political lawyer, Barrister ‘A’. Charon QC.

Law students' blog
The thoughts and ramblings of four law students trying to make it to qualification. UK Law Students.


Microsoft fined $1.5bn for MP3 breach
A jury decided that Microsoft infringed two Alcatel patents in using the digital music format on Windows Media Player. Times.

Woman sentenced for bringing fraudulent claim
A woman was given a four-month suspended sentence and a two-year supervision order for making a false accident claim against transport company Arriva. BBC.

Landmark legal case over MRSA in hospital wards
Lawyers are taking legal action against the NHS in Scotland, claiming that hospitals breached health and safety regulations in allowing the MRSA superbug to develop in wards. The Herald.

Home Office faces payout for leaving translators idle
Home Offices found guilty of race and sex discrimination and to have unfairly dismissed two workers for leaving them idle for 15 years. This is London.

£6.6million for negligent birth
Teenager awarded £6.6m in damages after negligence during his birth left him with brain damage. Metro.

Google locked in legal battle over Gmail in Europe
Google has lost an initial attempt to gain sole control over the Gmail trademark in Switzerland and faces potential disputes in other countries. ZDNet News.


Art of listening
Psychiatrist on the art of listening and the dangers of not doing so. See The Psychiatrist Blog.

YouTube biker
A man has been arrested after police found a YouTube video which he had posted of him allegedly speeding. Guardian.

Boston Legal clip
James Spader on the secret of trial law. You Tube.

Stumpy, the four-legged duckling
A duck farm has been looking after a four-legged duckling, christened Stumpy by his owner. Daily Telegraph.

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