Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Alternative Court Guide

Most lawyers will be familiar with the court guide, which tells us how to traverse the difficult yards between station and court in any farflung town. The problem is that we often need to know more than these simple directions: I particularly like to know where to get a good coffee in the morning before the start of case and where to go in the afternoon if a case finishes early.

Last week I spent a glorious day in Southend. I had a two hour gap between my morning and afternoon cases, so I can offer the following hints:-

1. The best coffee in Southend is found at O'Brians under the railway bridge.

2. On a sunny day the walk along the pier (a bargain at 50p) is delightful. It claims to be the longest pleasure pier in the world. At over a mile and a half long, it's a great way to forget about stressful cases and simply enjoy being beside the sea.


Dr Michelle Tempest said...

I like that, you should put on your blog little vignettes of information about all the places you go to for court days - I'm sure others may also add suggestions. I always like to know where is recommended for coffee. Michelle

Jeremy Jacobs said...

I think there's a business opportunity here.

Bystander said...

My court is just by the canal. It's a lovely walk along th towpath, but nobody ever uses it.