Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Blue Peter phone fake!

The honour and mystique of being a Blue Peter badge holder was sadly tarnished today by the story that the BBC children's show had to apologise to viewers after faking the result of a phone-in competition. I note that after all their own difficulties in this depertment, Channel Five have been quick to glat about the BBC's squeaky clean show (here).

A legal dispute which is currently doing the rounds is whether damages for the tort of deceit should fetch punitive damages, in other words damages over and above the actual loss. Whilst it is not to say that any of these shows have been guilty of deceit, it will be interesting to see whether some enterprising no-win no-fee solicitor decides to start up a group action on behalf of people who have perhaps spent a few hundred pounds on the variouis quiz and other shows in question.

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