Sunday, March 4, 2007

Weekly review


BabyBarista: how to get back to chambers before lunch
It seems it’s not just us who are enjoying BabyB’s adventures in pupillage. The Lawyer Magazine just described it as “genius”. This last week, he gets sent to jail for an hour and learns how to get out of a case and back to chambers before lunch. BabyBarista.

Is Google like a newspaper, cablenetowrk or phonebook?
Interesting article on the nature of Google’s business and a recent challenge over their listings. Concurring Opinions.

Another setback for Amazon 1-click
Amazon have suffered another setback in their struggle to get a European patent granted for their ‘one-click’ internet shopping invention. IPKat.

Charon QC podcast
Charon QC interviews Justin Patten of the HumanLaw blog. Charon QC.


The luxurious life of judges
Palatial judicial lodgings are costing the taxpayer £5m a year despite an economy drive that recommended judges give up their butlers and luxury cars. Independent.

Defective petrol: your legal rights and compensation
Motorists whose cars have been damaged as a result of defective petrol have a very clear legal right to compensation – as long as they can prove who was at fault. The Times.

No compensation for maypole hole claimant
Higher than reasonable standard of care would spell the end of English village green activities, rules Court of Appeal as it overturned an award for a broken leg caused by a hole left by a maypole. Solicitors Journal.

P Diddy breaks ruling over name
US rapper P Diddy has been found in breach of an agreement not to use his "Diddy" alias in the UK - with the matter now going to a full trial. BBC

BBC gagged over cash for honours
Attorney General obtained an injunction to stop the BBC broadcasting an item on the cash for honours investigation. Nick Robinson’s blog.

China to pass first private property law
The Chinese parliament is expected to pass China's first law to protect property rights after a contentious, year-long debate. FT.


Psychiatrist reveals how to spot liars
It’s not as easy to spot a liar as you may think, but there are tell-tale signs. The Psychiatrist Blog.

Surfing mice
The world’s first surfing mice. Honestly! YouTube.

Horace’s Odes and The Mystery of Do-Re-Mi
An excellent investigation through the classics by Stuart Lyons CBE reveals that it was Horace and not Rogers and Hammerstein that invented this tune. Buy the book and accompanying CD.

The 23-year stomach ache
A Brazilian woman is taking legal action against a hospital after it was discovered that she has a scalpel left in her body for almost 23 years. Legal and Medical.


Young Students Against Racism said...

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Charon said...

Tim... fancy doing a podcast with Charon?

I am getting a taste for interviwing. interviwed - sensibly - a most interesting politician today (for another of my writing projects)... not law...

I would enjoy doing a podcast with you. I used to surf... but.... a long time ago. Badly... but... it did not matter. was enjoyable.