Sunday, March 11, 2007

Weekly review


BabyBarista: Reports on a corrupt medical expert
BabyB continues as our favourite legal blog as his controversial (and hilarious) posts continue to be forwarded around firms. This last week, he tells us about Dr4Hire who’ll say just what you want him to say and also Creep, a jumped up barrister in his chambers. BabyBarista.

How to charge more and attract better clients
Article suggesting that by competing on price you may be conveying a number of messages that may hurt you in the end. Legal Marketing Blog.

Pupillage application advice
A barrister offers some tips for applying for pupillage. Legal Beagle.

Be careful what you post
Discussion about how on and off the record conversations translate online. Volokh Conspiracy.

Psychiatrist highlights NHS crisisJunior doctors have been getting sacked en masse in a way that just confuses the public. Here, a psychiatrist explains all. The Psychiatrist Blog.


Driver sends bailiffs into Tesco to win bad fuel fight
A man who took on Tesco for damage done to his van by contaminated fuel obtained an order to impound £60,000 of their wines and spirits until it had cleared its debt. Times.

QC system in doubt after application shortfall
The new QC appointments system is facing an uncertain future after it was confirmed that applications have fallen by more than 100 from last year’s figure. Legal Week.

Solicitors issuing RTA cases ‘to avoid fixed fees’
Research reveals 37% increase in the issue of proceedings in low-value road traffic accident cases so as to avoid the fixed-fee payment scheme. Law Gazette.

Union wins BNP expulsion ruling
The European Court of Human Rights has upheld a union's decision to expel a British National Party activist. BBC.

Dangerous burglars cannot be named
Police have warned householders to watch out for three convicted burglars, but cannot issue descriptions of the men for fear of breaching their human rights. Telegraph.

France bans citizen journalists reporting violence
To the extent that the video which exposed the Rodney King racist beatings 16 years ago would be illegal. InfoWorld.


Why Lawyers Should Surf
Barrister Tim Kevan and psychiatrist Dr Michelle Tempest launch a motivational book for lawyers using surfing as a metaphor. Pre-order for £9.99 from Amazon.

White rabbit at law firm
Take a look at Goodman Harvey’s website. Click on Harvey’s profile and you will find a picture of a white rabbit who has been "burrowing his way into the Manchester property scene" since 2004. Roll on Friday.

Children’s sack race cancelled due to legal risks
A children's sack race has been scrapped from a community-run sports day because of the cost of insuring competitors against injury. Telegraph.

Fantasy life, real law
Lawyers are joining the virtual community Second Life, creating new laws, serving as judges, marketing to clients and even meeting legal celebrities. ABA Journal.

Brain teaser
Try and work out whether there are 12 or 13 people as the group changes position. The Lady Justitia.

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