Sunday, March 18, 2007

Weekly review


BabyBarista: pregnant BusyBody, “UpTights” and a HoneyTrap
Although we did not intend to give BabyB lead billing once again, he is getting even better. This week he introduces us to his new pupil mistress “UpTights”, sets a HoneyTrap for TopFirst, oh, and BusyBody thinks she may be pregnant but doesn’t know if it’s by a barrister or a clerk. BabyBarista.

Are podcasts the future of blogging?
Justin Patten examines some recent legal podcasts by Charon QC and looks to the future. Human Law.

Key to small business success
To be the sharpest knife in the drawer apparently. Escape from Cubicle Nation.

Don’t mess with doctors!
See the doctors march against government reforms. The Psychiatrist Blog.


Legal “Big Bang” delayed until 2010
The Legal Services Bill is unlikely to come into force before 2010 in a move that will raise questions over the future of these reforms.Legal Week.

Tesco jails planned
Short-term “jails” are planned for supermarkets to deal with shoplifters under Home Office proposals. The Times.

Battle rages over in-house practising certificates
The government has rejected a Solicitors Regulation Authority-inspired attempt to require in-house solicitors providing ‘any legal services’ to hold practising certificates. Law Gazette.

Woman wins ‘record’ £8.5million damages
A woman received £8.5 million damages in what is thought to be one of the highest ever injury compensation awards. Telegraph.

Advertising guru sues over blog content
A senior advertising executive is suing for what was claimed to be a "vicious" email and internet blog campaign against him. Independent.

Top ten US jury verdicts for 2006
Enough to make any Claimant solicitor envious and any insurer shudder. LawyersUSA.


More from Boston Legal
James Spader in another great clip. YouTube.

Asda prank call
With thanks to Charon QC for telling us about this one. YouTube.

George Galloway losing his temper
In a recent debate with Daniel Finkelstein of The Times on Sky here and with Jeremy Paxman on the BBC in 2005 here.

Why Lawyers Should Surf
Read some passages from motivational book ‘Why Lawyers Should Surf’ by Barrister Tim Kevan and psychiatrist Dr Michelle Tempest. Here

.…and why they shouldn’t
How a shark attacked a surfing prosecutor. f/k/a.

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