Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Weekly review


The graying bar and professional ethics
Described as “the most important and well-researched blog post of 2007”, David Giacalone provides an excellent article about the graying of the bar and the ethical implications of aging lawyers, judges, and law firms. f/k/a.

BabyBarista: considers hiring a “professional” for TopFirst
BabyB continues to amuse us. This week he considers hiring a “professional” to seduce TopFirst and is mortified when his mother arrives in Chambers bearing a freshly-baked cake. BabyBarista.

Keeping ex-staff stum
Article on restrictive covenants and former employees. Impact.

Diversity at the Bar
Interesting article about diversity and the experience of mature students. Lawyers-2-Be.


The price of dispensing justice
A 24-hour counselling helpline is being set up to help judges to deal with the emotional problems and stresses of the job. The Times.

Lords delay no-jury fraud trails
The Law Society has welcomed the decision by the House of Lords to postpone controversial Government plans to abolish juries in complex fraud trials. Legal Week.

Footballer awarded £1.5million for unnecessary knee surgery
Ex-West Brom and Man Utd player Michael Appleton won £1.5 million for an unnecessary knee surgery. Baggies World.

Lawyers protest over legal aid reforms
Hundreds of Lawyers demonstrated outside Parliament against reforms to the legal aid system. BBC.

Football Agents acted for both players and club
Interesting finding an otherwise extremely dry VAT case. Solicitors Journal.


Using the Chewbacca Defence
Psychiatrist accuses Patricia Hewitt of using the famous and unbeatable South Park Chewbacca Defence and gives us a clip. Very funny. The Psychiatrist Blog.

Judge jails stenographer
A judge in Florida has jailed his own stenographer after she failed to complete a piece of work quickly enough. Roll on Friday.

Boston Legal
Denny Crane, trained sniper. YouTube.

A giant cane toad the size of a small dog and nicknamed Toadzilla has been captured in northern Australia. BBC.

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