Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bar Council website

The Bar Council has just produced a long overdue new website which is a massive improvement on the old version. They have also launched a blog to which we shall both be contributing an article once a week. There will be four other contributors plus the Chairman of the Bar and the Chairman of the Young Bar so it promises to be quite a lively forum.

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Charon QC said...

Great idea... but... despite having regstered... it seems that it is not yet possible to post a comment. In my case... I can well understand that my views may not be (a) necessary (b) relevant or (c) welcomed.... but... there are others who may well be useful given they practise at the Bar.

It is, I am sure, a gremlin with the design side...

The good thing.... at least the client knows how to exercise legal remedies on 'fitness for purpose'.