Monday, April 9, 2007

Weekly review


BabyBarista goes global by joining the Times Online!
We’ve just spotted that BabyBarista is now writing for the Times Online. This week UpTights gets clobbered in court and BabyB has his first victory…by accident. BabyBarista at The Times.

Charon QC on role of managing partners, practice and examinations
Charon QC presents podcasts on the role of the managing partner in modern law firms, on practice as a solicitor and on preparing for exams. Charon QC.

The end of satire
Magistrate reflects on how if someone returned to this country after ten years of New Labour they would think someone was playing an April Fool on them. The Magistrate’s Blog.

Big Brother - something to shout about?
Comment on the report that the UK’s CCTV coverage is to be augmented in 20 areas by a system which will permit audio messages to be relayed via loud speakers. Impact.

Too sane to be rational
Thought-provoking article on the suggestion that only those with brain damage and economists act rationally. f/k/a.


Significant changes to CPR Parts 36 and 14 now in force
To see the new versions, click the links: Part 36 and Part 14. To see the comments on the changes, click here.

European Court rules against spying on staff
A college secretary from Wales has won a legal challenge against her employers and the UK Government after an employee of the college secretly monitored her personal communications for up to 18 months without her consent. Solicitors’ Journal.

Bar School numbers may be capped to widen appeal
The numbers of students who can train as barristers could be capped in a move by the profession to reduce wastage and widen its appeal to the best from all backgrounds. The Times.

OFT launches wider study into bank charges
A much anticipated crackdown on bank charges has been delayed after the government announced an in-depth study into the issue. Which?

Dockers' right to claim asbestos compensation upheld
The Court of Appeal has upheld a ruling to allow dock workers with asbestos related illnesses to sue the government for compensation. Injury Watch.

Criminal law bar faces up to ‘solicitor threat’
The Criminal Bar Association has launched a draft paper on how to maintain its members’ position in the market in a bid to meet the ‘growing threat of unfair competition’ from solicitor higher court advocates. Law Gazette.


Why bloggers are often anonymousPsychiatrist writes about why bloggers so often keep their identity a secret. The Psychiatrist Blog.

Boston Legal
Another cracking clip from Boston Legal, this time involving an alleged UFO sighting. YouTube.

Students Seek $900,000 for essays
Four US students are suing an anti-plagiarism service for $900,000 claiming that it has nicked their essays. Roll on Friday.

Beach walk that could cost author £2,000
Best-selling writer Ian McEwan is facing a £2,000 fine after he grabbed some pebbles from a South Coast beach. The Telegraph.

Surfing dolphins
Beautiful footage of dolphins enjoying the surf. YouTube.

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Anonymous said...

well done to baby barista... i would want him representing my Mesothelioma case... Had a rather nasty experience with some asbestos a couple of years back... An industrial accident of epic proportions involving over 250 workers...