Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Weekly review


Training contract rat race
More tips on getting a training contract. UK Law Student.

On TK Maxx and disclosure laws
Why it would be helpful to adopt disclosure laws similar to those in California. Geeklawyer.

BabyBarista: how to get back to chambers before lunch
He’s still keeping the quality high and gets our approval once again. This week, he rails against cabbies failing to abide by their annoying ‘cab rank rule’ and meets his first client “BullDog”. BabyBarista.

Legal Aid dispute analysis
Comprehensive analysis on the details of the dispute. Nearly Legal.


Brown’s cuts to hit courts and criminal bar
The Department for Constitutional Affairs and the Attorney General’s Office could be forced to reduce frontline services and impose pay and job cuts, after last week’s Budget demanded a 3.5% reduction in real terms year on year to both departments’ expenditure. Law Gazette.

Da Vinci Code Appeal collapses
The novelist Dan Brown did not copy large parts of another book to produce The Da Vinci Code, the Court of Appeal has ruled. Times.

Blogger wins sacking case
An Englishwoman sacked for bringing her employers in Paris into disrepute by writing an internet diary under the pseudonym “petite anglaise” was awarded £30,000 for wrongful dismissal. Telegraph.

Poor likely to suffer in fees dispute as some legal aid firms hold out
A stand-off on the legal aid contracts leaves thousands of poor people without access to justice. Guardian.

Falconer bags top job at new Ministry of Justice
Lord Falconer has been unveiled as the UK's first secretary of state for Justice. The Lawyer.


Health, love and marriage
Psychiatrist tells how marriage can increase your life expectancy…if you’re a man. The Psychiatrist Blog.

Boston Legal
Homeland Security Bureaucracy. YouTube.

Surfing penguins
New movie featuring surfing penguins. You Tube.


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