Monday, April 16, 2007

Businesses saving the planet

The best product I discovered last year was a battery that you can re-charge in a USB port. So simple that you can hardly believe it hasn’t been done before. However, it took the ingenuity of Moixa Energy to bring it about. It was only launched last September and it’s already available in over 50 countries. I notice that they’ve even launched a range of pastel coloured batteries for the fashion conscious battery users among us. You can order yours at here.

What I particularly like about Moixa is that they are actually doing something about helping the environment through private enterprise. They also have the vision to look beyond merely their present impressive line-up as they point out that much of our power needs could be provided through a low voltage electricity supply rather than the highly wasteful and outdated system currently in most houses. With governments that go with whatever way the wind happens to be blowing it is firms such as these who, in their own small and individual ways, offer us hope.

CEO, Simon Daniel commented “Our USBCELL batteries are for life, and not thrown away like other alkaline cells after a single use at Christmas. With over 15 billion batteries needlessly manufactured (causing significant carbon emissions) and thrown away into Landfill each year, the world needs to adopt more sustainable and usable products like the USBCELL”.


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