Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Jimmy Miller Foundation

We'd like to introduce you to an organisation which has recently been brought to our attention: The Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation which is a non-profit 501(c) 3 Foundation in the United States dedicated to honouring the life of surfer Jim Miller by supporting the healing of mental and physical illness through surfing and ocean related activities. Through recreational, educational and mentoring programs, the Foundation brings together surfers, educators, therapists, lifeguards and friends to help people affected by mental and physical illness feel the joy and healing power of the ocean and surfing.

Jimmy Miller was a surfer, writer and world traveler. He started one of the first surf schools in Southern California, was an honored Los Angeles CountyLifeguard and Junior Guard Instructor and was the surf mentor to thousands of people around the world. In the last few months of his life in the summer of 2004, Jimmy suffered from a severe mental illness that led to his death. Also during the same time, he injured his shoulder and for the first time since his grommet days he was unable to surf and teach. His family and friends strongly believe that his sudden inability to surf and enjoy the ocean contributed to his death. They are dedicated to creating and providing activities and programs to help others with mental and emotional illness benefit regularly from the therapeutic and healing powers of the ocean. To find out more and to donate click here.


Paula the Surf Mom said...

This is a worthy cause... your such a good guy Tim

Brittany Nelson said...

Thanks for bringing more attention to this inspirational foundation. At little twig, we are also trying to help promote this charity. We are donating 10% of online sales every Wednesday this month to "The Jimmy Miller Foundation".