Monday, April 16, 2007

Weekly Review


BabyBarista: FakeClaims and Uptights’ Briefs
With BabyB firmly established at The Times, his following is no doubt growing. This week we hear about UpTights’ briefs, FakeClaims&Co, court listing and being caught without your wig. BabyBarista at The Times.

The age old discussion about the age old wigs and gowns
Legal Beagle puts his arguments for and against the tradition including his point that at least you don't have to make any effort with your hair in the morning. Legal Beagle.

Karma in action
Nearly Legal advises never answering a prospective client call after 5.20 pm on a Friday. Nearly Legal.

Are we in too much of a rush?
One of the world’s top violinists, playing on a $3.5 million 1713 Stradivarius, busks in an underground train station in Washington D.C.

Will any of the commuters, on their way to work, stop to listen?
Legal Scribbles.

Acting the goat
Outside the Law seeks advice on keeping a goat in a loft without a licence. Law Outsider.


Barrister fights bank charges
After months of controversy, Britain's banks face a landmark court challenge over charges as a result of a one-man campaign waged by a barrister who is risking his professional career to prove they are acting illegally. Independent.

Top QC condemns draft money laundering regulations
The government’s draft money laundering regulations are so vague it could be unlawful to prosecute lawyers who may unwittingly fail to comply with them, a leading human rights QC has claimed. Law Gazette.

NHS worker wins job back in landmark case
A 67-year-old NHS employee who was sacked the day before new age discrimination regulations protecting older workers came into force has won her job back in a landmark victory that could help others in a similar position. Times.

Shell suit ends in record $450m payout
A ground breaking European class action against Royal Dutch Shell by a group of more than 50 investors has resulted in a $450m settlement. Legal Week.

Virgin TV in BSkyB court action
Virgin Media has launched a High Court action against BSkyB in a programming row between the UK broadcasters. The Sky Basic package, including Sky One which shows Lost and 24, was cut from Virgin last month in a row over fees Sky wanted to charge. BBC.

State school pupils helped to get a foot in the door of law
The law remains an elitist profession - with the vast majority of those at the top educated at private school. But a new programme to help state pupils get a foot in the door aims to change that. Independent.


Is there a link between excessive body hair and intelligence?
Psychiatrist discusses a study which has found a correlation between intelligence and body hair. Have you got a hairy back? Read on… The Psychiatrist Blog.

How do you eat yours?
A confused cockatoo at a wildlife centre has spent the last two weeks trying to hatch a bowl of Easter eggs. Manchester Evening News.

Off their trolley
A book about abandoned shopping trolleys titled The Stray Shopping Carts of Eastern North America: A Guide to Field Identification has been named as the oddest book title of the year by industry magazine Bookseller. BBC.

Beware of out-of-date gherkins
A 105-year-old man has lost his record of never being taken to hospital after being admitted for indigestion after eating a jar of pickled gherkins. Romanian doctors said Tudorica Anghel was "amazingly healthy" for a man of his age, despite never being taken to hospital before. It's thought that the offending gherkins were well past their sell-by date. In The News.

Careless rapture
A Chicago woman is suing a colleague for “negligent dancing” after he dropped her on her head while flipping her into the air at an office party. Lacey Hindman, 22, suffered a fractured skull and brain injuries. The Times.

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