Friday, April 20, 2007

World's first carbon neutral surf shop

Incredible as it may sound, until recently there was no surf shop which was 100% carbon neutral. That has all changed with the opening of the Loose Fit surf shop. As part of this committment, they do the following:

1. Plant a tree for every surfboard they sell
2. Plant trees to account for other company activities such as flying over guest surfers and artists from abroad.
3. Use a green electricity tariff to ensure our electricity comes from renewable sources like wave, tidal and wind energy.
4. Ensure energy efficiency, by managing our use and introducing new technologies.

There's quite a few other things they've been up to as well but these four committments are ones which other surf shops might wish to consider. Besides that, when I visited, I was impressed by the wi-fi (surely an obvious one for surf shops?), the cafe and the friendliness of both the owner Jon Finch and of South African Mikey Corker who works there. Definitely worth a visit.

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Surf Reports: how we do it in Africa

I am in West Africa, and there we hope to get a surf report before we cross town to get to the beach break at the right time. Unfortunately, here in Africa, a webcam is hard to find and very expensive. In addition, the internet speed is too slow to have a good video feed. So, for me and my friends, the problem was how can we afford a good surf report. That's when we thought of creating Laplaj.Com. Hence on this site, you can upload photos and text reports directly from a cell phone, assuming the phone has a camera and can send emails. A friend of mine who owns a surf shop near the beach takes a couple of photos every morning and adds a few comments. That way, he keeps us up to date on the local surf... Pretty cool hein! Take advantage of it, the tool is open to all the surf addicts like myself.