Thursday, May 31, 2007



Walking sticks, dentures and age old advice keep BabyB on his toes while he digs himself out of another hole. BabyBarista at the Times

Too few seconds, too much carbon
f/k/a discovers the death clock and that he may only have half a billion seconds of life left. f/k/a

Google is watching ... everyone!
Lawyer-2-be comments on an article in The Times which explains just how much information Google stores about our habits, our communication, and anything else it can extract from our 'on-line activity'. Lawyer-2-be

The Perfect Day
The Psychiatrist asks us to consider our perfect day. If we don’t have a clear idea about our goals, then life can become a bit aimless. Like reading blogs all day? The Psychiatrist Blog

A herd of libel actions is fast approaching
Niri Shan and Timothy Pinto warn that despite the myths, bloggers are just as vulnerable as conventional publishers to legal action - if not more so. Times

McJobs are giving Britain a reputation as Europe's offshore banana republic
Polly Toynbee comments on why Britain is earning a reputation as a playground of global tax-dodgers and as Europe's third-world, service-sector sweat shop. Guardian


CocaCola employee jailed for selling new Coke recipe to Pepsi
A former employee at CocaCola was sentenced last week to eight years in prison for attempting to sell trade secrets to Pepsi for $1.5 million. CPD Webinars

ABS threat to firms provokes Bill defeat
The Legal Services Bill completed its passage through the House of Lords, but not before the opposition inflicted one final defeat on the government over concerns about the impact of alternative business structures (ABSs) on high street law firms. Law Gazette

40% rise in LLPs fuelled by risk management
The number of law firms operating as limited liability partnerships (LLPs) has jumped by 40% in the last 12 months. Law Gazette

Chicken worker's manual handling appeal rejected
A factory worker who claimed she suffered wrist injury through handling chickens on a production line has lost the appeal against the rejection of her claim for damages. Journal Online

Unions win EU equal pay battle
Unions fighting the threat of cheap labour from migrant workers from new EU member states won the latest round of a legal battle over equal pay. Times


999 war call pest is fined
A man who called emergency services and ranted about Tony Blair, George Bush and their spending on the war has been fined. Daily Record

Bowling club claims squatters' rights
A bowling club is claiming squatters' rights on its green in an attempt to stop houses being built on the land. Telegraph

Police arrest man for drunk driving in wheelchair
A wheelchair-bound German stunned police when they pulled him over for using the road and found he was 10 times over the legal alcohol limit for drivers. As the man was technically travelling as a pedestrian, he could not be charged with a driving offence. Scotsman

Tramp wins rights to prime land
A tramp has become the legal owner of a prime piece of land on Hampstead Heath in north London which he has lived on for more than 20 years BBC

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Sassi said...

good choice of blogs; I've read most of them which led me to this one. Highly interesting, I'm only 16 and I'm currently deciding whether to put the effort in over the next few years to try and become a barrister. The majority of what I've read so far has convinced me that I should probably give it a try!