Thursday, July 26, 2007

Alternative Court Guide

The latest in an occasional series of titbits that don't make it into the official Court Guide...

Uxbridge County Court

This is one of the few County Courts (certainly in the South East) that is more than a mile from the nearest Tube or train station, making it quite irritating to get to and a taxi journey usually inevitable.

However, this does not necessarily have to be so. I recently discovered that the Court is a do-able 30-minute walk from Hayes & Harlington BR station (which itself is a 20-minute train ride from Paddington). The route I ended up taking was a particularly pleasant one which took me through a church yard, along a rural-looking path and across a village green. A change from the usual trek through urban sameness and certainly worth the effort (as long as you get long enough respite from the rain).


Bystander said...

The fact that Uxbridge County Court is a few miles along the road in Hayes continues to cause confusion on a daily basis. The counter staff at Uxbridge Mags are well used to redirecting punters who are on the way to being late for their hearing

Mick said...

I've got a feeling I used to run through that park when I lived in Pinner back in '78... Nice spot, not much surf.