Monday, July 9, 2007

Weekly Review

Legal News

‘Ginger’ compensation payout
A red-headed waitress has been awarded £17,618 compensation by an employment tribunal after being taunted about the colour of her hair and experiencing lewd and embarrassing comments. CPD Webinars

Telephone trade as good as a written contract, High Court rules
The High Court has confirmed that despite major technological advancements and cultural changes, the principle of “my word is my bond” is still relevant in the modern world. In the first case of its kind, a judge has ruled that an investment fund could not pull out of a financial transaction after circumstances made the deal substantially less attractive. Times

New rebuke for Da Vinci judge
A high court judge has been severely criticised by senior judges for refusing to stand down from hearing a case involving a partner in a firm of solicitors with which he had unsuccessfully tried to negotiate a job while on the bench. Guardian

Welsh lawyer faces fine over miners' compensation
A Law Society council member has admitted to five breaches of professional rules in relation to his dealings with the miners' compensation scheme. The Lawyer

Asbestos widow's £300,000 payout
The widow of a chip-shop fitter who died after prolonged exposure to asbestos has won more than £300,000 damages. Halifax Courier

Best of the Blogs

Rear end shunts, dodgy claims and mastication - all in a week's mischief for BabyB. Baby Barista at the Times

The bogeyman is coming to get you…
Charon QC considers important topics such as dead bodies, terror incidents, nail fungus, servants, Gordon Brown and the new smoking laws. Not necessarily in order of importance. Charon QC

Leagle Beagle admits that he lost interest in the smoking debate ages ago. Leagle Beagle

The Plastic Fantastic
Inspector Gadget plays “reassurance policing" with us. Inspector Gadget

No need to let religious freedoms go up in smoke
David Pannick QC says - there was a Scotsman, the Pope and a disciplinary tribunal for advocates. Stop me if you’ve heard it. Times

And Finally...

Woman seeks $25,000 for chewy sweet

The insanity of the American justice system was demonstrated this week as lawyers commenced proceedings against Mars Inc for making their Starburst Fruit Chews too, err, chewy. Roll On Friday

Air Tranny Controllers In Dress Code Protest
US air traffic controllers upset about a dress code have shown their displeasure - with some men turning up to work in women's clothing. Sky

Anti-hooligan match ends in punch-up
A football match organised to promote non violence among fans in Germany ended in a mass punch-up. Ananova

Vicar's unholy smoke stunt fails
A vicar who lit his pipe in a Kent police station as a protest against the smoking ban has failed in his attempt to get himself arrested. BBC

Special Delivery: Postie Plays Midwife
Postman Ryan Davenport has made a special delivery while on his usual round in South Wales - a baby. Sky

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Thnaks for the link chaps - a very interesting Blog, loved the story about the vicar in Kent!