Monday, July 23, 2007

Weekly Review

Legal News

Paralysed man loses bulk of compensation claim
A Gloucester man "with everything to live for" who was paralysed from the neck down after a climbing accident has lost the bulk of his High Court compensation claim. CPD Webinars

Corporate killing law to include police and prisons as Government admits defeat
Prisons and police authorities will be liable for prosecution over deaths of people held in custody after a final defeat of the Government over the scope of new corporate manslaughter laws. Times

Japanese activist shareholder jailed for insider
most prominent shareholder activist was sentenced to two years in prison today after being found guilty of insider trading. Guardian

Sick baby must be treated, judge tells parents who put faith in God
A desperately ill seven-month-old baby may be given potentially life-saving medical treatment against the wishes of her devout parents following a High Court ruling yesterday. Times

Whiplash claim thrown out of court
A Lancashire woman has successfully defeated what she believes was a fraudulent whiplash claim for personal injury compensation. You Claim

Attorney's role 'unsustainable'
The role of the government's chief legal adviser, the attorney general, is "not sustainable" and needs reform, says an influential committee of MPs. BBC

Best of the Blogs

BabyBarista is dropped by UpTights in favour of a woman in order impress a lecherous chauvinistic pig of a judge who turns out to be female. Baby Barista at the Times

A ‘must read’ for Facebook users…
Charon QC recommends some reading if you're on Facebook. Charon QC

Outfit oratory
He said it two years ago and - after overhearing a few conversations recently at a restaurant - he's going to say it again, “males don’t wear outfits“! f/k/a

Downfall of a Master Criminal
Jimmy suffers from chronic back trouble....and makes a big mistake. The Magistrate shares another day at the office with us. The Magistrate's Blog

News Roundup
Blonde Justice shares two criminal law-related news stories. Blonde Justice

And Finally...

Doh! Homer Painting Upsets Pagans
Pagans have pledged to perform "rain magic" to wash away cartoon character Homer Simpson after he was painted next to their famous fertility symbol - the Cerne Abbas giant. Sky

Juror arrested for listening to music
A juror has been arrested after she was caught listening to an MP3 player during a murder trial. Roll On Friday

US cons attempt copyright-based prison break
Four inmates of Oklahoma's El Reno federal prison have been indicted for what must rate as the most audacious prison break scheme in history. They are alleged to have copyrighted their names then "demanded millions of dollars from prison officials for using the names without authorisation". The Register

Who Reads the Papers
Yes Prime Minister Clip. You Tube

New book about surfing in Britain and Ireland
Alex Wade takes the reader on a tour of some of the best spots and more colourful characters in the British and Irish surfing scene. Buy on Amazon here.

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Martin George said...

Good roundup, although it would be helpful to link to the actual blog posts, rather than just the blogs themselves (the posts you refer to will be lost in the archives sections of the respective blogs within a couple of weeks.)

It would also be interesting to see you actually blogging as well; Simon Myerson and Geeklawyer aside, blogging barristers are still a relative rarity.