Monday, July 30, 2007

Weekly Review

Legal News

“Junk mail” postal workers lose unfair dismissal appeal case
Two Royal Mail workers who won unfair dismissal claims after a bundle of “junk mail” was found in a sorting office cupboard have now lost their cases after an appeal by their employer. CPD Webinars

MacMillan fined over consultation regulations failings in landmark case
Publishing giant Macmillan has been fined £55,000 by the Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT) for its failure to implement Information and Consultation Regulations in the first case of its kind. Personnel Today

Ministers blasted over treatment of judiciary
Government ministers have been castigated over their “bungled” creation of the Ministry of Justice and “insensitive” treatment of judges in two separate Parliamentary reports. Times

Appeal court says surrogate mother can't keep child
A woman who agreed to carry a surrogate baby for a couple has been ordered to hand over the baby boy after she refused to give up the child. The desperate tug of love between the surrogate mother and the married father was finally decided in London's Appeal Court. This is Bristol

No sick pay for short-term agency worker
An agency worker who had entered into a contract of service for a period of less than three months was not entitled to statutory sick pay, the Court of Appeal has ruled. Times

McLaren escape punishment in spying row
The McLaren-Mercedes formula one team have avoided any punishment in the row over alleged industrial espionage against rivals Ferrari because of "insufficient evidence". In The News

Best of the Blogs

BabyBarista invites us to be his friend on FaceBook
After destroying TopFirst on FaceBook (leaving him "facebooked"), BabyB has also signed up as "BabyBarista Blog" and is asking us to be his friend. Baby Barista at the Times

Responsible renting – have your say
Your chance to respond to the Law Commissions consultation on responsible renting. Landlord Law blog

Presumed ignorant
Reports and comments on the billable hour f/k/a

How to get divorced without losing your shirt
Marriage on the rocks? Two big money divorce lawyers tell you 20 ways to make the split less painful. Times

Another slice of salami, sir?
The Magistrate has a word of caution for us. The Magistrate's Blog

And Finally...

Judge gives mobster shirt off his back
A man facing life in prison has had his sartorial blushes spared after a judge gave him a shirt and tie. Roll On Friday

Nasa astronauts 'sloshed in space'
Nasa let astronauts fly when they were drunk, an aerospace magazine has claimed. Sky

Grim reaper tabby
A cat has amazed medics - by predicting when nursing home patients are about to die. Oscar curls up next to elderly residents in the last few hours of their lives. Ananova

Binman's St George bandana 'is racist'
A black dustman has been banned from wearing a St George's Cross bandana because council officials say it could be regarded as racist. Telegraph

The countdown
100 Movies, 100 Quotes, 100 Numbers. You Tube

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