Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Weekly Review

Legal News

Pensioner must wear fluorescent jacket and use warning signs to tend a flowerbed
June Turnbull has looked after the village flowerbed for eight years with little more than her green fingers but now council officials say she also needs three warning signs, a "lookout" and a fluorescent safety jacket to continue with the gardening. CPD Webinars

Tesco staff awarded £11,000 compensation following workplace accidents
Two Tesco employees have been compensated after suing the supermarket chain for negligence. Personnel Today

Hacked hacks to sue HP
Four US journalists have filed a lawsuit against Hewlett-Packard claiming they suffered mental anguish and emotional distress because the computer company illegally spied on them last year. Guardian

Muslim juror accused of wearing MP3 player under her hijab escapes punishment
A Muslim juror accused of listening to an MP3 player under her headscarf during a murder trial will face no further action. This is London

Patient wins six-figure settlement from hospital
Hospital bosses have paid out a six-figure sum to a Hampshire man who sued for negligence after doctors failed to request a crucial scan which might have shown his appendix had perforated. This is Hampshire

Police issue on-the-spot penalty fines once every three minutes
On-the-spot fines for crimes such as being drunk and disorderly, destroying property and shoplifting are being issued at a rate of one every three minutes, according to latest police figures. Times

Best of the Blogs

How well behaved are Britain’s judges?
Dale Simon has spent the past year investigating complaints about judges. Times

A heart attack, a cold shoulder and blackmail.
BabyB goes about his daily duties diligently. Baby Barista at the Times

American Bar Association Conference and The Rule of Law
Geoffrey Vos QC, Chairman of the Bar Council, reports on his recent visit to America. Bar Council

What do they put in the afternoon tea, oop North?
The Bar is often regarded, as Geeklawyer has observed before, by the public as a public school playground. Smug, self satisfied and aloof. Geek Lawyer

Eat what you kill?…
Charon QC exhibits caveman behaviour twice in one day. Charon QC

And Finally...

The world's strangest laws
Did you know it's illegal in France to name a pig Napoleon? Or that in Ohio you're not allowed to get a fish drunk? Alex Wade celebrates the spirit of the silly season with a list of the world's most ridiculous laws. Times

Security concern over open prison gates
A prison's external gate was regularly left open at night to allow staff to park in a secure area within the prison walls, it has been revealed. Sky

Queasy Rider Loses Leg On Crash Barrier
A motorcyclist who reportedly failed to notice he had severed his leg below the knee in a crash is recovering in hospital. Sky

China ‘Pop Idol’ is banned from TV after judge bursts into tears
Chinese officials have dared to tread where many a weary British parent can only dream, banning a reality television show on the grounds that it is “vulgar”, “coarse” and “lacks artistic standards”. Times

Chinese couple tries to name baby '@'
A Chinese couple seeking a distinctive name for their child have settled on the e-mail 'at' symbol - annoying government officials grappling with an influx of unorthodox names. CNews

Otters holding hands
How cute. If you like otters. You Tube

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