Monday, August 6, 2007

Weekly Review

Legal News

Indefinite sentences are “unlawful”
Prisoners serving indeterminate sentences may have to be released if a High Court ruling against the new Justice Secretary is upheld on appeal. CPD Webinars

Barrister’s overdraft charges test case rejected
Barrister Tom Brennan on Monday lost his legal battle in what he hoped would be a test case for the fairness of bank overdraft charges. Financial Times

Guantanamo inmate fights to stay
An inmate of Guantanamo Bay who spends 22 hours each day in an isolation cell is fighting for the right to stay in the notorious internment camp. He has filed an emergency motion at the US Court of Appeals in Washington DC asking for his transfer out of Guantanamo to be halted. Times

Appeal court judges hold up deportation of three Algerian terror suspects
The deportation of three suspected Algerian terrorists has been halted by appeal court judges who ruled that the UK government could not be certain that they would be safe from torture after they were sent back. Guardian

Barrister loses motorcycle parking challenge
A barrister who claimed his motorcycle was immune to parking tickets because its wheels did not touch the ground has been told to pay up by the Court of Appeal. Times

Cash settlement for woman who changed mind on abortion
An NHS hospital trust has agreed to pay £27,500 compensation in an out-of-court settlement with a mother of three for aborting her unborn baby against her will and ignoring her attempts to withdraw her consent. Guardian

Best of the Blogs

BabyBarista starts a mini-pupil sweat shop
BabyBarista takes on ten mini-pupils with the offer of a guaranteed reference. BabyBarista at the Times

Fashionable shoos
Edward Fennell comments on Shoosmiths’ hotshot IP and IT team's massive moral victory for the top-notch fashion house Chloé. Times

Jaws and Sunday surreality…
Charon QC's comments this week feature sharks, tight trousers, doctors, mentally ill mice and teenagers. Charon QC

How many people does it take to work a court tape player?
Weeping with frustration. Nearly. Bar or Bust

Is it time for TCSOs?
Pc Bloggs puts forward the case for Terrorist Community Support Officers. PC Bloggs

And Finally...

One for the road
Student Jack Kirby drank 4,000 cans of lager and used the empties to build a car. Ananova

Richard Nixon fined for unbefitting conduct
In a strange flashback to 1972, a solicitor with the unlikely but apposite name of Richard Nixon has been fined for unbefitting conduct. Roll On Friday

Boss allegedly killed workers who asked for raises
The owner of a car dealership killed two employees because they kept asking for pay raises, police said Tuesday. CNews

Headmistress is a Harry Rotter
A PRIMARY school head ruined the new Harry Potter book for pupils — by reading out the final page on the last day of term. The Sun

Everything you see Is fake
Tricks of the trade. You Tube

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