Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Weekly Review

Legal News

Video joker in tribunal triumph
A supermarket manager sacked after posting a video of his colleagues on the internet has been awarded more than £2,000 for unfair dismissal. CPD Webinars

Mayor wins £7,000 after council's ban on breast-feeding
A former mayor has successfully sued her council for discrimination after she was banned from breast-feeding while using the official limousine. Guardian

Staff hitting back against bosses too eager to say: 'You're fired!'
A Scottish law firm has blamed Sir Alan Sugar's television programme The Apprentice for the growing number of people taking their bosses to an employment tribunal. Scotsman

Parliament war protester jailed over £600 fine
The first person to be convicted of organising a demonstration within an exclusion zone around Parliament Square has been jailed for refusing to pay his fine. Telegraph

Law firm settles 'homophobia' discrimination case
Clifford Chance, the world's biggest law business, has paid out an undisclosed sum in settlement of what is believed to be the first claim against a law firm for discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation. Independent

Three Rs could land bosses in the dock
Testing applicants' basic reading and writing skills could land employers in court, following a landmark case which ruled mild forms of dyslexia to be considered as a disability. HR Zone

Best of the Blogs

ThirdSix, TopFirst, Worrier and UpTights provide the entertainment for BabyBarista. All set up by BabyB himself of course. Baby Barista at the Times

Wigs and gowns: final furlong for the neighsayers . . .
Frances Gibb says that court dress is firmly back on the agenda — and it is still causing ruffles. Times

Learco Chindamo and the law
Head of Legal comments on the decision of the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal that Learco Chindamo, the murderer of Philip Lawrence, cannot be expelled from the UK. Head of Legal

It's OK, it's Up North
PC Bloggs suggests we need new legislation, abolishing murder and outlawing firearms. PC Bloggs

And Finally...

Now police take to skateboards
Police are being sent out skateboarding during working hours in a groundbreaking bid to cut crime and make them appear "cool". This is Hampshire

Man sues florist for revealing affair to wife
A Houston man has filed a lawsuit against 1-800-Flowers after the company told his wife that the roses he ordered were for another woman. Find Law

A dad at 90
The world's oldest father has done it again - had his 21st child at the age of 90. Mirror

NYC detective canned after wife serves him marijuana spiked meatballs
A veteran detective with the New York police has been fired after failing a drug test. CNews

Topless car wash shock
Men who queued up for a topless car wash in New York got a bit of a shock to find the washers were men. Ananova

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