Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Weekly Review

Legal News

First National Minimum Wage criminal prosecution case
The owner of a children’s nursery has been fined in the first National Minimum Wage criminal prosecution. CPD Webinars

Framed father tells of barrister fake email plot
A father who was framed by a leading barrister in a child custody case has spoken for the first time about the extraordinary chain of events that led to him uncovering the deception. Telegraph

Maimed soldier 'let down' by Army compensation
The mother of a soldier who lost both his legs in an explosion in Afghanistan is to challenge his "flawed" compensation award in the High Court. BBC

Biotech firm sued over brain cancer vaccine claim
A biotechnology company whose shares more than doubled after it said that it had obtained regulatory clearance for the world’s first brain cancer vaccine is facing a class action lawsuit in the United States alleging that it misled investors. Times

Train ticket increases could breach law
Rail fare increases could breach competition law if passengers are left carrying an excessive share of the cost of running the railways, the industry regulator has warned. Guardian

Developer loses landmark squatting case
A property developer’s landmark legal fight to secure compensation for land lost to squatters has ended in failure after Europe’s highest court ruled that UK law did not breach the developer’s human rights. Times

Best of the Blogs

BabyB goes up against one of the most qualified people in the world ever. And wins. Baby Barista at the Times

Saga louts, plodberrys and a few other matters....
Charon QC comments on all sorts of matters... no law though Charon QC

No need to move for overseas travel
You feel you are in the same room as your witnesses or clients. They are life-size, they sit around the same table as you, their voices are undistorted and clear and you can look them in the eye. This is the new generation of video meetings and it is like nothing we have seen before says Richard Susskind. Times

We know better:
PC Bloggs reports on a PC who pretended she'd been mugged, apparently in order to get a new mobile phone. PC Bloggs

The era was marked by mysterious envelopes.
Andrew Longstreth explains that as class action hits Europe, securities cases slump in US heartlands. Legal Week

And Finally...

'From the bottom of my heart I'm sorry'
A guilt-ridden burglar in New Zealand has broken into the same house twice in one day, first to steal some goods and later to return them - along with a heartfelt apology note. Sky

Banger out of order
Butcher Dennis Spurr has been ordered to take down a sign showing the Olympic rings made from sausages. Mirror

Vicars ban ‘un-Christian’ yoga for toddlers
A children’s exercise class has been banned from two church halls because it is teaching yoga. The group has been turned away by vicars who described yoga as a sham and un-Christian. Times

'Stale wee' fails to stop play
England's cricketers kept their focus to triumph over India despite the efforts of up to 100,000 Arctic Monkeys fans. Ananova

Thieves swipe biker's prosthetic hand
A disabled biker who left his prosthetic hand gripped to the handlebars of his Suzuki faces a bill for £450 for a new mitt after thieves made off with the original. The Register

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