Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Weekly Review

Legal News

BT worker loses unfair dismissal claim for phone scam
A BT call centre manager, involved in a multi-million pound Ministry of Defence call-handling scam, has lost her claim for unfair dismissal. CPD Webinars

Lord Chief Justice speaks out against US-style selection of judges
Britain’s most senior judge has strongly opposed any move towards American-style selection of judges involving Parliament. Times

Whistle-blower in job fight
A health-club worker claims she was unfairly sacked after raising concern with bosses over the appointment of Angela Baillie - the solicitor jailed for supplying drugs to a prisoner. Scotsman

Judges attack hate campaign
Judges have reacted swiftly to condemn as “inappropriate and irresponsible” the publication of their home addresses by a fathers’ campaign group. BBC

Ramadan presents religious discrimination concern
Workers are being warned not to indirectly discriminate against Muslim workers by failing to recognise the month of Ramadan. HR Zone

Prince sues internet sites for breaching his copyright
He gave away his last album free with a newspaper, but Prince has now taken a stance to defend the rights of the artist by launching a legal action against internet sites that he claims have infringed his copyright. Independent

Best of the Blogs

Yet another police murder
PC Bloggs reports on the case of a woman who lay dead in a house for three years and recommends new legislation making it the police's job to force entry into the houses of anybody whose family hasn't visited for a while. PC Bloggs

Hey Up
As the tenancy decision looms, BabyB reports on his week of favours, stitch ups, bombs falling and combine harvesters. Baby Barista at the Times

Courts lose details of offender surcharges
The Magistrate asks - why does this not surprise me? The Magistrate's Blog

Time is ripe to judge the judges
John Malpas reveals his personal brushes with the judiciary. Legal Week Editors' Blog

Opportunity knocks
The goal of the Judicial Appointments Commission was to create a fairer recruitment process for the judiciary. Anita Rice asks - has much changed? Law Gazette Guardian

And Finally...

What can law schools do better?
The current issue of The Complete Lawyer focuses on law schools. The Complete Lawyer

Plagiarising lawyer sent to ethics class
A US lawyer has been forced to refund his client's fees and attend a class on professional responsibility after admitting charging thousands of dollars for a simple act of plagiarism. Roll on Friday

Silence (of the lambs) in court
A robbery suspect is wheeled into court strapped and gagged after attacking his lawyer. Mirror

'Nurse, I need a Wii'
Pensioners bored of knitting and bridge have got hooked on a Nintendo Wii games console at their retirement home. Ananova

'Unlucky' burglar tries to rob policeman
A man from Hampshire has been jailed after he was surprised by the policeman owner of the house he was attempting to burgle. Madasafish


Steven_L said...

From BT call centre scam link:

"Five employees were dismissed over their part in the scheme which involved staff making false calls to each other to assist the team in meeting their targets for answering calls within a certain time limit. Millions of calls were made over a 6 year period in order to help BT avoid paying a £30,000 monthly penalty to the MoD and to ensure staff reached bonus-related targets."

As a call centre worker I'm amazed that BR sacked them. Call centre management usually encourage you to use any scam possible to hit the beancounters' targets.

The beancounters are usually happy as long as they can go back to their boss and say they have 'improved productivity'.

I guess the MOD discovered irregularities in the beancounters bean counting then? Probably a silly idea to scam the MOd anyway wasn't it?

They tell you that you can be nicked under data protection, FSA rules, OFCOM regulations you name it, if you don't do what they want. It's all bollocks and I know it is.

I know what laws I am immune from, the Consumer Protection Act, the Trade Descriptions Act, I've signed all the forms in my diligence file and no-one in the building even knows these laws exist.

Call centres are still run on the same out of date US management theories as they were when they started.

The beancounters still haven't clicked that this is why 'staff turnover' remains so high in teh places.

As for 'fraud', it's my job, I'm in outbound sales, I 'dishonestly appropriate' another £4 a month off at least 70% of the consumers I speak to.

You all say 'I wouldn't fall for it' after 9 years in this game I know some cunning tricks to make sure you all do!

Anonymous said...

Looked more like Scams for Honours if MBE/KBE were awarded to senior managers. November Yorkshire Post followed this up. http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/New-doubts-over-BT-fraud.3434980.jp

Think the whistleblower made a mistake thinking he would be taken seriously - should have known that no one would be allowed to speak out. There was no point sacking the more junior managers. A whistleblowing enquiry - blue chip company -CEO and Non - Executive Directors would have to know even if the Chairman was too far in the clouds. Other whistle blowers will find the same and be made to leave if they say what is happening and do not do as they are told. Why scapegoat these 5? What happened to the Serious Fraud enquiry and are they going to check other whistleblowing cases?

Anyway - still cheap at the price whatever the penalty and give the City confidence that big contracts would be won and for hope of future profits. Also win huge contracts when other companies tender without a scam. As the bonus is paid in a pyramid to the top who lost out- forces staff with cuts elsewhere?