Wednesday, October 17, 2007

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Legal News

Asian detective wins victimisation claim
An Asian detective has won a claim of victimisation against the Metropolitan Police after an employment tribunal found he had been victimised by his bosses. CPD Webinars

Freshfields lawyer loses discrimination case
Peter Bloxham, the former head of restructuring at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, has lost his landmark £4.5 million age discrimination claim against the elite City law firm. Times

Widow loses bid to stop £100,000 payment to ex-wife
A woman whose husband died a few hours after their wedding ceremony failed today to stop his former wife inheriting a large chunk of his estate. Times

Inconvenient verdict delivered on Gore's climate change film
It's the box-office sensation credited with confronting the world with the honest reality of climate change. But a High Court judge in London has made some distinctly inconvenient criticisms of An Inconvenient Truth, the Oscar-winning documentary on global warming made by Al Gore. Independent

Employment Appeals Tribunal refuses 'powerful' new evidence
A worker has won the right to compensation for his sacking after being accused of poaching customers from his employer and starting up his own rival firm. The employer lost the case despite a tribunal finding 'powerful evidence' in the employer's favour. Out-Law

Bent Coppers' author wins libel battle
A journalist has been cleared of libelling a former police officer whom he suggested might be guilty of corruption at the Court of Appeal. Times

Best of the Blogs

BigMouth, CopyCat, blind leading the blind
BabyB continues with his dastardly deeds to get what he wants. Baby Barista at the Times

BPP Law School: Forget students, this college has 'clients'
Privately owned and with a tough work ethic, BPP is a university with a lot of differences, says Andy Sharman. Independent

Carly is mad
PC Bloggs says that it is the police's job to look after Carly. It is their job to ferry her to and from mental institutes, to stand at the doors of said institutes to bounce her back in when she escapes. PC Bloggs

Can the judges trust Jack Straw?
Frances Gibb asks - is Jack Straw managing to pull it off with the judges? This week the Justice Secretary, aka Lord Chancellor, was clearly proffering plentiful olive branches to ease the deadlock in the continuing discord between the judiciary and the executive. Times

The Rule of Law, the Bill, and BQAB
The legal year has opened and Parliament is back in session. And there will not now be an election any time soon. With all this excitement over, we can return to the serious business of representing the profession says Geoffrey Vos QC. Bar Council Blog

Tenant defending s21 claim under the DDA 1995
More landlord law from the landlord law blog. Landlord Law Blog

And Finally...

Doctors save man with vodka drip
Doctors have kept a man alive by feeding him vodka through a drip for three days. Mirror

DNA mix-up babies reunited with families
Two families who realised they had the wrong babies only after one couple took a DNA test to silence pub gossips have been reunited with their real children. Sky

Would-be president took short cut in marathon
A Mexican politician who 'won' the over-55s section of the Berlin Marathon was disqualified for taking a short cut. Ananova

Salesman gives up kidney
A US man spent four years waiting for a new kidney - only to find a donor through a chance knock on his door. Ananova

Man arrested over fake money
An American man has been arrested after he tried to pay for goods at a supermarket with a fake $1 million bill. Madasafish

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