Wednesday, November 7, 2007

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Legal News

Record damages for disability discrimination
A London park worker who was made redundant has been awarded compensation of £550,000 after an employment tribunal ruled that he was the victim of disability discrimination. CPD Webinars

Butcher fined for mincer accident
A butcher's shop and its manager have been fined for an accident in which a 15-year-old boy lost part of his arm in a mincing machine. BBC

Paedophile 'being a danger isn't an offence'
A judge has been accused of putting children at risk for refusing to jail a predatory paedophile because "being a danger isn't an offence". Telegraph

Gay couple adoption appeal lost
An ex-magistrate who says he was forced to resign because he would not place children for adoption with gay couples has lost his appeal. BBC

Engineer jailed in Ulster wins damages for race bias
An African engineer who travelled to Northern Ireland for a holiday only to be wrongly imprisoned on suspicion of being an illegal immigrant has won an apology and compensation from the Border and Immigration Agency. Independent

Cartoon protesters' jail term cut
Three men jailed for their part in protests against cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad have won an appeal to reduce their sentences. BBC

Best of the Blogs

Baby Barista confesses to a mild infatuation with a certain jewellery-stealing judge. Baby Barista at the Times

The end of lawyers? or The cartel’s last stand?
A report on Richard Susskind OBE, author, who has said a lot of things lawyers really don’t want to hear about the impact of information technology and the increased commoditisation of legal services on the future of the profession. f/k/a

Lawyers simply too dull to be on TV shock!
Charon QC reports on a story about Legal TV ditching programmes about and with real lawyers because they are too dull. Charon QC

The law explored: motive
Gary Slapper suggests that nothing you can do legally becomes unlawful just because you do it for the wrong reasons. Times

Endless new criminal laws that lead to injustice
More than 50 new criminal justice bills have been introduced in the last decade. Such a welter of complex legislation is taking its toll, says Robert Verkaik. Independent

And Finally...

Syphilis for Christmas?
Manufacturers are hoping their range of cuddly toy versions of microbes including gonorrhea and syphilis will be a hit for Christmas. Ananova

Halloween zombie mistaken for corpse
A drunken Halloween reveller in Germany found his costume was a little too realistic when he fell asleep on a train and was mistaken for a corpse. Sky

Mobile phone firms plan to find out what you’re talking about . . . and tell advertisers
Mobile phone companies have drawn up plans to monitor text messages and voice calls and pass the information to advertisers. Times

83-year-old finally quits McDonalds
The oldest McDonald's worker in the country has retired at the age of 83. Metro

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Peter said...

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