Thursday, November 22, 2007

Weekly Review

Legal News

Judge ordered off divorce case after “flying carpet” racist jokes
A high court judge has been ordered to step down from a case after allegedly making mocking remarks to a sheikh involved in a multimillion-pound divorce. CPD Webinars

Woman 'too young' for job wins landmark ruling
A membership secretary of an exclusive London club has become the first person to win a discrimination claim for being told she was too young for her job. Independent

Fantasist jailed for nailgun attack claims
A fantasist who shot himself with a nailgun on two occasions before claiming that he had been attacked by thugs in an attempt to win compensation has been jailed for two and a half years. Guardian

Yahoo to pay damages in Chinese dissident case after 'moral pygmy' attack in Congress
The internet company Yahoo has settled a lawsuit with a Chinese journalist and dissident who were both sent to prison after the company passed on their details to the government. Times

Employment Appeal Tribunal rules age discrimination claim against mandatory retirement at 65 can wait for Heyday judgment
A surge in age discrimination claims from workers forced to retire at 65 has become more likely after an appeal tribunal decision. Personnel Today

Rent a home in Scotland and get cancer drugs free, QC tells English patients
English cancer patients should rent a second home in Scotland to gain access to drugs not available in England, an expert on NHS law suggested yesterday. Times

Best of the Blogs

Heard the one about the vicar?
The High Court is asked whether the laws of blasphemy are compatible with free speech. By Frances Gibb. Times

BabyB puts the "blush test" to the test, with the help of his instructing solicitor and Chelsea tickets. Baby Barista at the Times

Blogger warned to delete Avis logo
A US blogger who reported on a court ruling has been ordered by car rental firm Avis to remove an image of its logo from his blog posting to avoid charges of trademark abuse. But is using a picture of a logo trademark infringement? The Register

Court considers the right to a private life for anonymous Owls
The High Court ruled in Sheffield Wednesday FC v Neil Hargreaves that the identity of anonymous makers of comments on a website could stay hidden where those comments were "trivial" in nature, even if they were defamatory. However, the identities of makers of more serious defamatory comments were to be revealed. Impact

Unsolved/Unsolvable... same difference
PC Bloggs explains which crimes are "screened out". PC Bloggs

And Finally...

Bone Rangers
Introducing London's most fashionable dog walking company. Bone Rangers

Cat nap
Funny if you've got a cat. Quite funny if you haven't. You Tube

Tattoo artist causes a lifetime of embarrassment
A Thai tattooist has taken one Australian's instructions a touch too literally after branding the words LEFT ARM and RIGHT ARM on his limbs. Madasafish

Jimmy Saville jumped by spec thief
Veteran broadcaster Sir Jimmy Savile has told how he was "jumped" by a young woman who ran off with his trademark glasses. Sky

Man arrested over hallucinogenic toad
A Missouri man has been arrested for the possession of a hallucinogenic toad. Ananova


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Love the cat video - very accurate!

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