Thursday, December 6, 2007

Weekly Review

Legal News

Call centre worker wins compensation for accent claim
A British man of Asian origin has won a racial discrimination case against his employer, Talk Talk Direct, because his accent “wasn’t English enough”. CPD Webinars

£1m damages for man hit by sunlounger
A man whose life was wrecked when he was hit by a sun lounger blown off the roof terrace of a pub has been awarded £1 million damages in the High Court. Metro

Home Office's immigration policy confirms employers face £10,000 fine for unwittingly hiring an illegal worker
Companies face being hit with a £10,000 fine for each illegal worker they unwittingly hire after the government confirmed that new rules will come into force from February 2008. Personnel Today

Jewish school told to change admission rules
The country's top Jewish state school has been found to be breaking anti-discrimination laws and ordered to delete part of its admissions criteria that favours ethnically Jewish children. Guardian

Autumn date for forced marriages law
Justice Minister Bridget Prentice says that a law that protects victims and potential victims of forced marriage will come into effect next autumn. Ministry of Justice

Travelodge is given £20,000 fine
Hotel company Travelodge has been fined £20,000 after two accidents in their bathrooms. BBC

Best of the Blogs

BabyB shares his latest money-making scheme - selling off the Inns of Court. Baby Barista at the Times

Mon dieu.. if, of course, there is such an entity...Whatever next?
Police Community Support Officers are at the very forefront of crime fighting again. This time they are called to an incident by some witless shopping centre security guard to stop young children singing carols. Charon QC

The Bar is simply not getting the best brains
So how can advocacy widen its appeal? Lord Neuberger discusses why the Inns of Court have become increasingly exclusive. Times

Stick 'em up: it's a "raid"
It never ceases to make me my blood boil when I read of another celebrity falling prey to police theatrics due to the time of his/her arrest. These arrests often occur between 4-7am, a time when any self-respecting white collar criminal will be tucked up in bed and should be left to sleep off the day's fraudulent activities. PC Bloggs

Donations, ex-pat teachers and bank details of 25 million Brits
Poor old Gordon Brown is under fire again after claiming that he saw no reason to doubt the authenticity of a £2 million pound donation from Sharon Watts, checkout girl at Tescos. Frank Chalk

Is libel dead?
The number of claims has fallen dramatically in recent years but the leading libel lawyers are still doing very nicely says Linda Tsang. Times

And Finally...

Road kill teddies
A soft toy designer has come up with a macabre new range of road kill teddies. Ananova

Santa slapped with health and safety ban
Santa Claus has been banned from riding his sleigh on his visits to a market town - because of health and safety fears. Metro

Drop dead gorgeous coffin calendar
Models are helping to sell coffins in an Italian funeral parlour's raunchy calendar. The Rome-based undertakers have released pictures of 12 pouting women showing off caskets on the firm's website. Sky

Judge jails entire courtroom
A judge jailed everyone in an entire courtroom after no one admitted to being the owner of a ringing mobile. Sun

Have a cell phone? London's 'SatLav' promises to find you a toilet
A new service promises Londoners they'll never have to spend much time looking for the loo. CNews