Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Gone surfing

There's an advert on the radio at the moment that goes something like this: 'Give up your job. Write a novel. Live by the sea. We all have dreams but some of those dreams are actually attainable...' It then goes on to promote some car or other. Well, I guess in the last 12 months I've finally made the jump and at the age of 36 I retired from my job as a barrister, got a book deal to write a novel for Bloomsbury Publishing and am now living down by the sea in North Devon where I can go surfing whenever there's even a hint of swell. So from now on The Barrister Blog will be more accurately an Ex-Barrister Blog with more of an emphasis on living the dream in the countryside.

The picture above is by Steve PP who is an great surf artist based in Woolacombe in North Devon. Before moving down here he drew the cartoons for Danger Mouse.


Prague said...

How exciting, Tim. Look forward to hearing more. The surf picture I use on mybloglog are from Croyd by the way.

Mick said...

Good on you Tim. Good luck and good surfing. I'll keep dropping by to see how it all goes.

Beach Bum said...

Good for you - just hope all these lawyers in the water don't start suing when I drop in ;)