Saturday, May 24, 2008

New Labour New Danger

Having a lame duck prime minister determined to see out the rest of his term is one thing. Not good for the country but it's happened before. Poor old John Major in fact had to suffer that exact indignity as power tangibly drained from his government. But having a desperate lame duck prime minister, seemingly oblivious to what the rest of the country can see is a real and serious disaster waiting to happen. If Gordon Brown was prepared to spend £2.7 billion in a failed attempt to bribe the electorate over a measly bye-election, just think what he might try in the next two years with a general election pending and his leadership continually under question. This man is simply not safe to have his mits on the country's purse strings.

Being ahead of the times is not something the Tories have been able to claim very often in recent years but I'm starting to think that the much derided 'New Labour New danger' poster from the '97 election has finally come into its own.


Barnacle Bill said...

I too fear the next couple of years before our glorious unelected Leader has to call a General Election.
Maybe someone should take him for a walk in the woods?

reverb said...

...only to say
congrats to take the decision to get to the water kind of full time