Sunday, May 25, 2008

Review of 'Why Lawyers Should Surf' in Drift Magazine

Review in Drift Magazine, issue 5

Why Lawyers Should Surf

Practically written and laid out, this is not a novel but a simple set of rules about how to live your life, using surfing as a metaphor with which to spell out the basics.

Whether you live the high life or the slow life, you'll find plenty of information jammed into this comprehensive read. Chicken Soup it isn't; easy to understand guidance in a world of fast-paced technical wizadry it is. Subjects range from how to visualise your goals to tips to building rapport and improving your communcation skills. If you want to get excited about life, discover your own power and find peace of mind, then give this a go. Oh, and it's not one of those books about blaming your mother.

Why Lawyers Should Surf is available on or direct from XPL Publishing on 0870 079 8897.

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