Thursday, November 13, 2008

Marshmallows: the ultimate test of success?

Intersting article in the Daily Mail suggesting that a child's future success can to some extent be determined by the marshamallow test. It was devised by Professor Mischel and involved leaving a child in a room for 20 minutes with a marshamallow with the advice that if they could resist eating it they would be given a second marshamallow as a reward. As the article says: "The children who took the sweet straight away turned into teenagers who lacked self-esteem and experienced difficult relations with their peers, it was found. Those who waited for a second marshmallow turned out to be more socially competent, self-assertive and academically successful. The boys and girls who waited even scored an average of 210 points more in their school exams than those who didn't." To read more, click here.

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