Monday, October 27, 2008

New book on stress

I'd like to recoomend a book by Dr Hugh Koch and his son James Koch called 'Active Steps to Reducing Stress - Life Skills for Feeling Calmer'. Both authors are psychologists and in this book they explain many of the psychological tools which are available to those who live and work in stressful environments. First they analyse exactly what is stress and why it can cause problems. Then they go on to look at how people can change their thinking, their lifestyles, their communication and ultimately their behaviour as part of a strategy to reduce stress. It is a down to earth and practial guide to this important topic and I am sure it will help many people who have hectic, busy and stressful lives. The book is published by Bracken Books and if you are interested in obtaining a copy, you can email Hugh at

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Emily said...

Great book, would like to second this recommendation!!
very entertaining blog, good luck with the new book.
Emily Koch