Sunday, October 26, 2008

Recession-busting USB Cell

I've covered the USB Cell rechargeable battery before. This year it's producer Moixa Energy has been an EU Cleantech 100 company and Barclays ‘Green Leader in Business’ – and also won an iF Gold top 50 global design award with Apple at Cebit this year.

The rechargeable batteries are a great example of a product you can buy now and carry on re-using hundreds of times – simply by recharging them in USB ports on computers or games stations, instead of spending hundreds of pounds on disposable alkaline batteries that are bad for your wallet and very bad for the environment on C02 and landfill waste. USBCELL batteries are an example of numerous ‘recession proofing’ products, such as installing solar panels for free home electricity, home insulation to reduce heating, water filters to avoid buying plastic bottles of mineral water and low energy light bulbs.

In the Seventies everyone looked for ‘local resilience’ in building Green homes and self-sufficiency and labelling every light switch with ‘Save-It Stickers’, but the end of the then oil crises combined with the last 30 years of Financial ‘Exuberance’ has obscured the need for consumers to use products and energy more efficiently. Interestingly, Moixa believes that green energy and re-usable products may become viable currencies in their own right – as consumers use/exchange them with neighbours. Solar powered homes in Germany already ‘sell’ energy to neighbours or back to the grid, and is more likely to become law in the UK given recent support by the UK Prime Minister for a ‘Green Feed in Tariff’.

For more information on the USB Cell rechargeable battery, click here.

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