Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Goodbye to Bush


The Barrister Blog said...

Someone called Natasha just left a very kind comment on this post. I accidentally rejected it rather than published it. Many apologies. I will publish any other comments!

Natasha Phillips said...

Hahaha, perhaps you have a clumsy gene like me, but in any event no need to worry :)

The post was just an appreciation of just how funny the clip was and my underlying sentiment was one of hope and admiration for Obama despite a slight scepticism about how he was going to cope with more complex policy decisions that would effectively cause political unrest amongst his politicians on both sides (and how he will deal with his international counterparts too).

Oh and how lovely it must be to be by the sea!

I think that covers it :)


Natasha Phillips said...

PS I liked reading your blog very much and have added a link to it on my own blog.