Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lord West-Knights, Sir Laurence or a CBE?

Okay. So this is a test to see whether a small and insignificant blogger in North Devon can actually help to get things done. You see, there's a barrister who I've never met despite my own ten years at the Bar but have admired from afar. Admired that is for his passion and dedication to a cause which has helped the lives both of lawyers in Britain and Ireland and also further afield in Commonwealth countries and the USA. It is Laurie West-Knights QC who spent thousands of unpaid hours fighting for and founding the British and Irish Legal Information Institute ( which basically led the way in forcing the closed shop of law reporting to put the lot out there for free. So there we are and the reason for this post is to propose him as a People's Peer and if not that then a Knighthood and if the government can't stretch to that without money changing hands then at the very least he should be awarded a CBE. So, to all the legal bloggers around the country, I ask simply that you support this mini-campaign and help to get Laurie recognised.

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Totally agree