Monday, June 8, 2009

The next Prime Minister: James Purnell

I have twice posted in the past saying that James Purnell would be our next Prime Minister. First last July (here) and most recently last month (here). I see that Guido Fawkes this evening reported and then retracted a story saying that he had an unconfirmed source who said that Purnell would stand if no credible candidate came forward by noon tomorrow. Despite being no fan of New Labour and it being obvious to anyone that Purnell would do far better than Brown, if he does decide to stand then I wish him well. He has turned out to be the only member of the Cabinet with sufficient guts to take on Gordon and the bullies who surround him. It was such political boldness which characterised Tony Blair and I think that Purnell remains Labour's only chance of avoiding complete annihilation. So, as I have now said twice before: watch this space. James Purnell as the next Prime Minister. Oh, and I see Paddy Power is offering odds of 12-1 for Purnell as the next Labour leader.

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