Thursday, July 30, 2009

Article in the North Devon Journal

Article today in the North Devon Journal. To read it, click the picture on the left or click here or see the text below.

Barrister's book based on a blog

A NOVEL written by a Braunton man has been snapped up by the publishers of the Harry Potter novels.
BabyBarista and The Art of War is due to be released on Monday by Bloomsbury.
Author Tim Kevan is a 38-year-old former barrister now living in Braunton.
His book tells the story of a junior barrister who has one year to make his mark and win a coveted tenancy in a legal chambers.
The story is based on a blog that Tim wrote for the Times newspaper.
He said: "It has been a dream come true. I didn't really expect to get a book deal with such a fantastic publisher."
Tim spent 10 years working as a civil lawyer but now he is more at home surfing the waves of North Devon than in the courtroom.
He said: "I just feel so happy to be back here in the West Country, being able to go out each day to the beach or with my dog in the countryside or on Exmoor."
Tim always had a burning ambition to write. He co-wrote 10 law books and was the co-author of Why Lawyers Should Surf.
He began a blog on the Times website in 2007 detailing in the style of Bridget Jones the outrageous behaviour of BabyBarista. It became one of the most popular on the site.
BabyBarista is a shameless character, says Tim.
"He is a sneaky character who gets up to all sorts of shenanigans in order to succeed. You wouldn't like his behaviour at all, were it not for the fact that BabyBarista's opponents are even worse."
Tim added: "I love writing. The characters just come alive in my mind."
Tim grew up in Minehead and gained a degree in economics and law from Cambridge University.
He qualified as a barrister at the chambers Temple Gardens in London.
He said: "I really loved working as a barrister, it is a wonderful profession."
Tim says he will return to work as a barrister part time and be based in Devon. He has also begun writing a column for Devon Life magazine and plans to write a second chapter of BabyBarista.
But his priorities are clear: at the merest hint of a swell he is out to surf.
Tim said: "I struggled to make time for surfing when in London but in the last couple of years I have been able to do it so much more, which is just fantastic."
● Tim will be present at a launch party for the book at the White Lion Inn in Braunton next Friday from 6pm till midnight.

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