Monday, August 10, 2009

Jack and BabyBarista at Drift Magazine

Nice article on the fantastic new website for Drift Magazine about both BabyBarista and Jack. To read it, click here or see below.

Lawyers don’t surf. Well, actually some do. And this particular one also writes novels. Friend of mine and all-round North Devon good egg Mr Tim Kevan has penned another gem.

At only 8 months old, Jack the (long)border terrier puppy is possibly the youngest surf dog in the world ever! As you can see above, he’s already ripping it up on the waves of North Devon and his puppy dreams for the future see him travelling the world and competing against the very best as a professional surfer. But if he’s going to get the full tuition which he needs to succeed in such a competitive environment, his owner Tim Kevan needs to be making some money from his new comedy novel BabyBarista and the Art of War. So, go on, don’t shatter this puppy’s dreams - buy the book now and tell your friends to do the same! It’s just £7.19 on Amazon and hey, as well as supporting Jack you’ll also be getting a great Summer read, something broadcaster Jeremy Vine has described as “well-drawn, smartly plotted and laugh out loud”.

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