Monday, August 10, 2009

Jack and BabyBarista in Oz

Nice post by Mick Sowry, the director of the beautiful and inspiring Musica Surfica, at his Safe to Sea blog. To read it click here or see the text below.

So pics for the day are Bells and Winki, Joeys' eye, and Jack the Surfing Dog.

Why Jack?My blog pal Tim Kevan in England, he of the Barrister Blog, and father of Jack, has managed to do what few of us part time scribes ever dream of.

His 'other blog' Baby Barista', his 'anonymous for a time' comical accounts of life in a London law firm, has grown to the point that he was picked up by the London Times, and then... and this is the good bit.. it was selected to be published by Bloomsbury. Harry Potter now has a shelf mate.Available on Amazon now, BabyBarista and the Art of War has been getting some ripping reviews (sorry Tim, but I have to sound English for that bit) and I can't wait for my signed copy myself. (hint)

Check it out.. and check it out as I have a feeling it will be money well spent.

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