Monday, August 10, 2009

Mention of BabyBarista at Swordplay

Nice plug for BabyBarista at the excellent legal Swordplay blog. To read it click here or see below.
This week marks the publication of Tim Kevan’s first novel, Baby Barista and the Art of War. Kevan is a barrister turned blogger for the Times and writer. Baby Barista is a novel of its time, for it was spawned as a consequence of Kevan’s Times blog.
We confess that we have yet to read it, but the early reviews are good. Click here to see what Geeklawyer had to say about it, while there’s more praise over at the Family Law Week blog. This latter review ends thus: “If there is a moral to this amoral story perhaps it is that inside every barrister is a nice person trying to get out?”
We couldn’t possibly comment, having only got so far as reserving Baby Barista for our holiday reading, but we wish Kevan, and Baby Barista, the best of luck.

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