Thursday, September 3, 2009

Michael Mansfield Book Launch and Talks/Signings

Book Launch
The launch of Michael Mansfield’s book Memoirs of a Radical Lawyer (written with Yvette Vanson) took place at the Edinburgh Book Festival on 31 August to an audience of over 600 people. The public London launch will be on Monday 7 September from 7pm at the Riverside Studios, London W6 9RL. For tickets (£10/£8) telephone 0208 237 1111. To buy a copy of the book (£13 incl p&p) click here.

Talks/Book Signings
In addition Michael will be holding talks and book signings around the country on the following dates:

Thursday 10 September 6.30pm - City University, Northampton Square, London, EC1V 0HB
Saturday 12 September - Dublin, Trinity College
Wednesday 16 September, 8pm ‘Stockwell’ play at The Tricycle, Kilburn High Road, London
Sunday 20 September 7.30pm - Thame Players Theatre, Oxford
Friday 25 September Noon - Harrods/Waterstones, South Kensington, London
Tuesday 29 September 6.30pm Foyles, 113-119 Charing Cross Road WC2H. Email:
Friday 9 October 7pm - Sheffield ‘Off The Shelf ’ Festival, Pennine Theatre
Saturday 10 October 7.30pm - Chester Literary Festival
Sunday 11 October 5.30pm - Ilkley Literature Festival
Monday 12 October 7.30pm – Cheltenham/Times Literature Festival
Wednesday 14 October 5pm – Goldsmiths University, London
Thursday 15 October 7.00pm - Bath with Topping & Co, St Swithin’s Church
Friday 16 October 6.30pm - Bristol Festival of Ideas, St George’s Hall
Sunday 18 October Guildford Book Festival, Electric Theatre
Wednesday 21 October 6pm - Kent University
Monday 26 October 7.30pm - Belfast Festival at Queens 09
Tuesday 10 November 7.30pm - Grimsby Everyman Club, Elizabeth Hotel
Wednesday 18 November, 5.30pm – Manchester University
Monday 23 November 6pm Cardiff University
Tuesday 24 November 6pm Birmingham University

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Law Minx said...

( ** Tantrum Mode**) IHave been trying for the past week, but I absolutely cannot get hold of this tantalising book ANYWHERE!! Is it going through a reprint already? (I was given to believe this was the case by a rather strange person at my local Amazon who was supported in his contention by an equally strange woman at W.H Smiths!!)
Either way, Its as rare as chickens teeth, and I am simply gagging to read it!
( ** End of Tantrum Mode** )